Types of Injuries Caused by Rollover Crashes

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Whether you’re taking a quick trip to the store or on a long and distant vacation, there’s a chance of a car accident when you’re behind the wheel. Unfortunately, these wrecks can be dangerous, especially when you’re dealing with something like a rollover crash.

So, what kind of injuries can you expect from a rollover crash? These injuries can be serious, and some injuries may be permanent. You may need a Bronx auto collision attorney to help you recover by seeking compensation in these cases.

Serious Brain Injuries

In rollover accidents, head trauma is a common injury for many victims. When a rollover accident happens, the top of your car may be crushed under the weight of the rest of the car, often impacting your head.

When this happens, your head injury could range from a mild concussion to permanent damage that will impair you for the rest of your life. You’ll need immediate care for a brain injury; the brain is so sensitive and complex that permanent damage is possible, especially for high-damage rollover accidents.

Because the brain is the control center of the rest of the body, these injuries can affect how you talk, respond to stimuli, understand and comprehend, and move around— often requiring physical rehabilitation to help adjust to these changes, which only adds to your medical expenses.

Permanent Spinal Injuries

Discouragingly, you might also suffer a severe spinal injury in the accident, which can disable you permanently. An impact to your neck could damage your spinal cord in a complete or incomplete injury. While an incomplete injury may affect your sensation and motor control below the point of the injury, a complete injury severs the spinal cord, leaving you without that sensation and motor control.

While a doctor may be able to repair some of the bone around the injury, you may be unable to regain movement in your body below the point of the injury. That leaves you with expensive bills and services, as well as a loss of independence, which can be extremely traumatic.

You might need someone to come to your home and clean, since you’re unable to do the cleaning that you once did. You might need temporary or permanent in-home care to help you with daily and hygienic tasks. Worse, you might not be able to access your home at all. While all these expenses are piling up, you may not even be able to work and earn the money needed for your expenses. Instead, you’ll need to seek compensation from the responsible party.

Seek Help After a Rollover Crash

When you’ve been involved in a rollover crash, you might have been lucky enough to suffer only minor injuries. Sadly, you may have suffered a major injury that left you struggling to recover from your injuries.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay for those injuries alone. Instead, seek out compensation from the responsible party by filing a lawsuit against them. If they caused your accident, they should be held responsible for the suffering you’ve been put through. When you need help recovering, fight back against them and get the full compensation you deserve.  

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